Best Server Rack for Your HomeLab? Sysracks Enclosed Rack!

I’ve been on a quest looking for a new server rack for my HomeLab in my home.I’ve outgrown my current 18u open frame rack and decided to give a 32u Sysracks Enclosed Rack a try! Join me as we put together this server rack, test out all of the features, and I’ll let you know my thoughts about this brand new server rack!

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A HUGE thank you to Sysracks for sending me this rack!

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00:00 - Why get a new Server Rack?

01:14 - Sysracks 32u Server & Features

02:22 - Micro Center (Sponsor)

03:35 - Assembling the Rack

07:38 - Exploring the Rack Features

09:39 - Checking Out the Temperature Control Unit

11:04 - My Thoughts About the Sysracks Server Rack

13:42 - Stream Highlight - “The grow room isn’t big enough for 2 racks!”

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