Techno Tim HomeLab Server Room Tour! (Late 2022)

Well, here it is! My Late 2022 Server Rack and HomeLab tour! This is a special one because I just revamped my entire rack.I’ve upgraded, replaced, added, and consolidated quite a bit since my last tour! New servers, new networking, new UPS, new power management, and even a whole entire wall of tech gear.I also added lots of automation and IoT devices! Join me as we walk through my server rack transfer and upgrade!

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After this, check out the 2022 (late) HomeLab Services Tour!

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Rack & Accessories


Servers & Accessories



See the entire kit here!


00:00 - What does Techno Tim’s HomeLab Look Like?

00:50 - HomeLab Music Video

02:13 - What’s all that stuff on the wall?

04:05 - New Server Rack

05:06 - Networking

07:13 - Smart PDU (Power in the front???)

10:36 - TBD Gear / Room for Growth

11:14 - 1u Servers

12:21 - Storinator

13:42 - PC Conversion Server

14:25 - Disk Shelf

15:27 - UPS

16:08 - Back of the Rack

17:08 - Power Channels

17:57 - Non Critical Power Devices

18:25 - Practical RGB Lighting (it has utility)

19:35 - Cable Management

20:51 - UPS Battery Extender

21:24 - Don’t be discouraged, Home Labs come in all shapes and sizes

23:05 - HomeLab Music Video Outro

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