Techno Tim HomeLab and NEW Server Room Tour! (Late 2021)

Well, here it is! My Late 2021 Server Rack and HomeLab tour! This is a special one because I just revamped and remodeled a spot in the basement for my new data center / server room (still picking out a name for it).I’ve upgraded, replaced, added, and consolidated quite a bit since my last tour! New servers, new networking, new UPS, new Raspberry Pi, and even a whole entire wall of tech gear. I also added lots of automation and IoT devices! Join me as we walk through my server room upgrade!

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📦 Gear in this video 📦

2u Rack Shelf -

APC 1500VA UPS -

Nest Protect -

Hue Iris Light -

Hue Motion & Temp

Axxtra Power Strip -

Amazon Power Strip -

Wall Control Galvanized Steel Pegboard -

Hue Dimmer Switch -

Hue Light Strips -

Hue Smart Bulb Starter Kit -

Hue Motion & Temp Detection -

Cloud Lamp -

Pi 4 B -

PoE Pi Hat -

Pi Zero -

HD Homerun -

Intel NUC -

24 Port Patch Panel -

Wall Mount Patch Panel -

Slim Network Cables -

UniFi Flex Mini -

UniFi UDM Pro -

UniFi 24 Port PoE Gen 2 Switch Pro -

PC Conversion Case -

18u Server Rack -

1u Rails -

APC 600 VA UPS -

NetApp DD4246 Disk Shelf -

SuperMicro 1u Servers -

8 TB IronWolf NAS Drives -

🚀 Kits 🚀

Rackmount Servers -

HomeLab Racks -

1u Servers -

Networking Stack -

Raspberry Pi with PoE -

Home Security -

Storage and Hard Drives -

HomeLab and Server Room Upgrade 2021 -

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🚀 Don’t forget to check out the 🚀Launchpad repo with all of the quick start source files

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