Techno Tim HomeLab Services Tour (Late 2022) - What am I Self-Hosting in my HomeLab?

Wow, what a year of self-hosting! After showing off my Home Lab hardware in my late 2022 tour, many of you asked what services are self-hosted in this stack. This is always a moving target so I decided it was time to share which services I am running here at home.Today, we walk through everything I am hosting including: Dashboard, Hypervisor, Virtualization, Containerization, Network Attached Storage (NAS), DNS, Network Management, Home Security, Kubernetes, Kubernetes Storage, Docker, Reverse Proxy, Certificates, Monitoring, Logging, Syncing Data, File Sharing, Link Page, Link Shortening, Home Entertainment, Home Automation, Battery / UPS Monitoring, CMS, Static Site Generators, Dynamic DNS, CI/CD, Git Ops, Dev Ops, and many, many others.Enjoy the virtual tour!

Worth mentioning, I have videos on almost every service mentioned in this video!

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00:00 - What is Techno Tim Self-Hosting?

01:05 - Dashboard

01:36 - Hypervisor

07:09 - Network Attached Storage

09:37 - DNS

11:48 - Network Management

13:05 - Home Security

13:42 - Containers (Kubernetes & Docker)

17:59 - -Kubernetes Storage

21:04 - Git Ops

22:35 - Reverse Proxy (Internal, External, and Ingress Controller)

25:26 - Monitoring

26:10 - Metrics & Data Visualization

27:02 - Logging

28:28 - Home Automation

30:08 - Data Synchronization

30:55 - Link Page (Contact Page)

31:41 - Link Shortener

32:24 - Home Entertainment

33:00 - UPS Battery Monitoring

33:37 - CMS (Content Management System)

34:25 - Websites (Static Sites & Custom Code)

34:46 - Dynamic DNS (External DNS)

35:16 - CI/CD (Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery)

37:04 - Everything Else

37:41 - How do I get started self-hosting?

38:30 - Thanks for Watching!

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