HomeLab Services Tour Late 2021 - What am I Self-Hosting in my HomeLab?

After showing off my Home Lab hardware in my late 2021 tour, many of you asked what services are self-hosted in this stack. This is always a moving target so I decided it was time to share which services I am running here at home.Today, we walk through everything I am hosting including: Dashboard, Hypervisor, Virtualization, Containerization, Network Attached Storage (NAS), DNS, Network Management, Home Security, Kubernetes, Kubernetes Storage, Docker, Reverse Proxy, Certificates, Monitoring, Logging, Syncing Data, File Sharing, Self-Promotion (Contact Page), Link Shortening, Home Entertainment, Home Automation, Battery / UPS Monitoring, CMS, Static Site Generators, Dynamic DNS, CI/CD, and many, many others.Enjoy the virtual tour!

Worth mentioning, I have videos on almost every service mentioned in this video!

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