My HUGE Home Security Upgrade

I am a huge fan of self hosted home security and I’ve been doing it for years. I love the idea of being able to check on my home when I am away.Also, I’ve always kept my video footage on premise (on prem) and never sent it to the cloud.It started way back with a laptop and a webcam and it evolved into self-hosting my own DVR software on a virtual machine with many PoE and wireless cameras… but this became way too much to manage. Well, this is the next evolution of my home security, integrating it into my recently upgraded UniFi network.I wanted to simplify my home security, just like my network, so I decided to pick up some UniFi Protect G3 FLEX cameras and some new UniFi Protect G3 Instant cameras to help secure my home.I also picked up the UniFi Smart Power Plug that will monitor my internet connection and reboot my modem if I lose connection.This is going to be awesome! I hope you enjoy this complete guide to setting up your new UniFi Protect system!

  • Note, everything here was purchased with my own money. 0 outside influence by brands.

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