I Automated Watering My Lawn & Garden!

This week I finally decided to automate the watering of my lawn and garden without irrigation, here’s how…

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Automation Without Irrigation

Since I don’t have irrigation, I have to use hoses, but that’s OK because I picked up these hose faucet timers. They’re great because you can hook them up to any hose faucet. I picked up this manifold and connected 4 of these faucet timers, one for each zone. As you can see I also split one zone into 2, we’ll talk about that in a sec. I can program each zone in the b-hyve app app to turn on each individually, and these sprinklers have a ton of watering options. The app also takes into consideration the rainfall so you’re not wasting water. And it’s not just for lawns, I also automated watering my garden giving it just the right amount of water each day. These soakers, along with a pressure reducer, help deliver water exactly where I want it. The soakers also works great for flower boxes that doesn’t receive any rain. If you’re a geek like me, you can even connect this to Home Assistant or even HomeKit.

If you’re looking for the Home Assistant plugin I used to managed these timers, you can find it here Don’t forget to ⭐ the repo!

4 port manifold! Here’s the 4 port manifold I used to create 4 zones

4 zones! Here are the 4 faucet timers I used to create 4 separate zones!

sprinklers in action! Here are the sprinklers in action! Highly recommend these because they have a ton of watering options and they are silent

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